Immersion Reading Tools

While focusing on the perfection of reading experience, LegeReader provides a set of effective learning tools for foreign language learners and readers to help enhance word memory and improve reading comprehension.

Simple Reading + New Words + Later Reading

It is only the basic function of Yueci to simplify and create a pure reading experience. We hope to give it more possibilities and show the collected new words to each reading article, which can help strengthen the ability of word memory and effectively improve the speed of reading comprehension.

Immersive Reading
Optimizing the interface of messy articles with simple and refreshing reading mode. Focusing on the article itself to restore the purest reading experience.
Diversified Themes
Support dark and light theme style, font size, paragraph width, hidden pictures, article outline and other settings to meet user-defined needs.
Support fast paragraph switching with one click to open the article pronunciation. Highlight the pronunciation paragraph and scroll the interface automatically at the same time.
Word Translate
Integrated with the function of Youdao Dictionary, it supports selected word translation, sentence and paragraph translation, translation contrast between Chinese and English, which can effectively improve the reading experience of foreign languages.
Special words encountered when reading articles in the professional field can be found in Wikipedia with one click, and the plug-in of selected words will continue to be expanded and improved.
Reading mode supports multi-language switching, from Chinese to English, Korean and Japanese, to help foreign language learners improve reading comprehension.
Words Highlight
The original reading association engine highlights new words when reading different articles to enhance word memory and reading experience after these new words are synchronized, saved and collected
Reading Later
LegeReader 2.0 will focus on the later reading experience, support multi-terminal synchronization, and fully meet the needs of readers' collection, reading and annotation.